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The way people feel about retirement is changing. More and more seniors want back into the workforce seeking rewarding opportunities and Second Act is helping you find jobs. Through our proven matchmaking process, we connect seniors and retirees with employers looking for a proven professional who can fill a need, take on a project, or mentor young talent. We take time to make a personal connection and help you highlight the skills and experiences you have that employers are currently seeking.

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The U.S. economy is humming and financial indicators predict this trend will continue. However, several factors are converging to cause a severe talent shortage and Second Act is creating a new awareness in the recruiting sector that will fill this need. We are cultivating unique relationships with employers and urging them in various ways to take a second look at qualified senior applicants. At the same time, Second Act is making retirees aware that options are available for those who want or need to work.

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Who We Are


Jim Fisher


"I am a retiree, similar to many of our clients, having finished a 42 year West Michigan career in the scrap metal recycling industry in March of 2017. For me, redefining traditional retirement is balancing a busy schedule of consulting work, non-profit board work, and launching Second Act with Penny. I am looking forward to helping you start your second act."

Penny Shuff


"I am a former broadcast journalist and nonprofit consultant. After field producing documentaries for cable TV networks I became a stay-at-home mom. Fifteen years later, I was looking to get back into the workforce when I met Jim and knew Second Act would be my future. I’ve enjoyed living in many places perfecting my journalism craft and I channel my love of storytelling as co-founder of the company. I look forward to hearing your story."

Why we started second act

"I believe securing a job fundamentally changes your life and I’m passionate about our unique approach to retirement. I am striving to help various people whether they need to supplement their retirement income or want to keep working to pursue new goals. I co-founded the company to offer retirees the freedom to follow their true instincts. Since many businesses are now scrambling for talent, now is the perfect time to draw upon experience as a valuable resource. Retirement means different things to different people; however, as time changes, I believe Second Act is needed to keep retirees plugged into the workforce, creating a legacy for both them and the businesses that hire them." -Penny

"The birth of Second Act in the spring of 2016 was the result of my extensive experience in the talent industry. I was a business owner and employer until 1999, and during these last two decades, I have been a leader in West Michigan assuring we have a culture fertile for talent recruitment and retention. I strongly believe the current market is ripe for a paradigm shift: employers friendly to hiring seniors and retirees who will be redefining retirement." -Jim

Are you ready to start your second act?

Current Openings


J Milito and Associates, Inc.

Do you love connecting with others on the phone?  Would you like to have meaningful conversations while also helping worthy causes? If you are looking for a flexible job -- West Michigan’s longest serving telephone fundraising company is looking for you.  J Milito and Associates has openings for part-time positions at their call center in Walker, MI. We'd love to help you get matched with them so if you're interested in this position, send your resume to resume@secondact.work


Gauthier Family Home Care


Do you have the heart and experience for home caregiving? Would you like to make some extra money while also developing rewarding relationships with elderly neighbors? Gauthier Family Home Care is looking for caregivers in the greater Grand Rapids MI area to join their trustworthy and appreciated team. If you have one year of experience caring for an aging loved one or worked in a professional setting send resume to resume@secondact.work



Secondactors, Kandis Crider and Lona Thompson answered the call from J Milito and are very excited to be starting their Second Acts! We helped them get matched with J Milito and they are finding great success here as they help earn money for West Michigan Fundraiser's. - July 2018

Kandis & Penny

Kandis & Penny

Lona & Kandis

Lona & Kandis

Whoot! Whoot! ;)

Whoot! Whoot! ;)

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